Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Better late then never...(Christmas Presents!)

I'm finally back in Manchester after a 24 hour journey back, so I thought i'd take some time to catch up on all the exciting things I hadn't had internet to mention, starting with Christmas! We celebrated in Bangkok with a lovely (if slightly unconventional) chinese meal. I usually spend ages picking out perfect presents so I was really excited and touched to receive the same!

The t-shirt (Every Perfect) and Chanel tribute sweatshirt (Bling Bling) were chosen by father on a recent trip to NYC.  The mid-length heels (ASH) are the perfect balance (literally) between fashion and comfort; obviously chosen by mother! Most coveted is the Alexander Wang diego bucket bag- which I have been literally obsessing over since i first saw it on Opening Ceremony.

Little bro got me this gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case which is perrffecct! Finally, possibly  my favourite was the sneaky gift that the Editor snuck to my brother, to give to me on Christmas day. The ring is an antique turqouise, which explains the cracks but I love that the piece has a story behind it. 


  1. I adore that ring! I have been looking for a similar one for a while and that is gorgeous!


  2. Thank you! I'm afraid to wear it incase it gets lost!