Thursday, 6 January 2011

Beyonce + Tom Ford + Terry Richardson= YES (and the clothes were alright too)

Mr Ford has us eating out of the palm of his perfectly manicured hands. When behind the scenes pictures were released of Beyonce waiting backstage for his Spring/Summer 11 fashion show, we all waited with baited breath for what was to follow.

The show is just the epitome of cool; in addition to the array of gorgeous models, Beyonce and the lovely Julianne Moore, who featured in Ford's film, A Single Man, also took to the runway.

I'm especially excited over the collaboration between Mr Ford and Mr Richardson- this isn't the first time the cheeky pair have come together- on the shoot for Harpers Bazaar the two even shared a kiss.

Past collaborations have been no less controversial- featuring a naked woman, ironing a mans trousers for him and doing various other housewifely chores, all of course whilst looking immaculate and of course, naked. Despite the obvious sexist connotations, you've got to love them for their blatant controversy- they definitely know how to shock.

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