Sunday, 30 January 2011

If You Like Pretty Boys, Yeah They Like You

Watch the boys of Milan/Paris Fashion Week- I wonder if the girls will come up with something too? 

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thanks Whistles, I'll Take It All

It's embarrassing that I've actually been waiting for the Whistles Spring/Summer 11 lookbook to come out. Ever since Jane Shepherdson took the ropes, the brand has had a new lease of life; on trend pieces with their signature twist, made up in gorgeous fabrics-oh and their fitting is consistently immaculate, which is rare for high(end) high street fashion. So thanks, Whistles- I'll take it all.

 P.s. While your at it, I'd love one of these too.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Lara Bohnic's Pretty Things

Until recently, Lara Bohnic took the Margiela route of staying relatively out of the press, letting her pieces speak for her. I think the simple, art-deco, vintage inspired designs are the perfect example of luxury without being ostentatious.

I've been coveting the Apollo ring for a while now; so I'm ditching the daily latte's to save up and buy it- perfect to satisfy my ring obsession.

I've been following her blog on Vogue ; she too spent Christmas in Bangkok and her "survival guide to being stuck" was so relevant to me; I'm so glad I travelled in 'Winter clothes' because I can't count the number of travellers I saw stranded in maxi dresses and flip flops in -11° weather. My trusty pashmina served not only as a scarf and blanket, but rolled up, became a pillow for napping in the airport lounge and later cleverly hid the coffee stain on my travel clothes- truly invaluable for travelling with. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Poke Me, Karl


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rick Owens: The man who drank his own piss (kind of)

Read my article on this fascinating designer in the latest issue of Mens Fashion Magazine 

Friday, 7 January 2011

I Wasn't Invited To The Party (it was cool people only)

Oh hello- browsing through the ever expanding file on my laptop entitled 'Fashion' (the only file I am ruthless about backing up) I found this picture.

I must have saved it laptops ago, before the coffee fiasco of Feb '10 destroyed laptop no.1 and before I committed death by Limewire on the family PC. It's from a website called DirtyDirtyDancing and photographed by Alistair Alan who captured hundreds of infamous club nights at the legendary Boombox Club in London. So I had a little stalk, and here are some of my favourite shots, which will definitely find their way into the 'Fashion' file.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dear Editor; Our Sunday Morning Starbucks Are Soon To Change...

Everyone knows the iconic Starbucks coffee cup. Some love it, some hate it, some love to hate (evil corporations etc) - I personally have always been a lover, ever since a trip to Seattle where I tasted my first cup of frothy java goodness I was hooked, which is probably for the best considering that in Seattle there's a Starbucks every 5 steps- you pass about 17 in the duration of finishing your morning latte- and thats not even a Venti.

Since 1971, the Starbucks coffee cup has been championed by celebrities to reach an epic status- it's not just a cup of coffee, it's a fashion accessory synonymous with oversized shades and bedhead hair.

So what's the skinny? Starbucks have redesigned their logo, literally stripping off all the excess info- perhaps they've realized that their so recognizable now, that it no longer needs to state 'coffee' on the side of the cup. The new coffee design is going to be available from March- so next time you pick up your grande soya latte, its worth holding onto the cup- it will soon be fashion history.

Beyonce + Tom Ford + Terry Richardson= YES (and the clothes were alright too)

Mr Ford has us eating out of the palm of his perfectly manicured hands. When behind the scenes pictures were released of Beyonce waiting backstage for his Spring/Summer 11 fashion show, we all waited with baited breath for what was to follow.

The show is just the epitome of cool; in addition to the array of gorgeous models, Beyonce and the lovely Julianne Moore, who featured in Ford's film, A Single Man, also took to the runway.

I'm especially excited over the collaboration between Mr Ford and Mr Richardson- this isn't the first time the cheeky pair have come together- on the shoot for Harpers Bazaar the two even shared a kiss.

Past collaborations have been no less controversial- featuring a naked woman, ironing a mans trousers for him and doing various other housewifely chores, all of course whilst looking immaculate and of course, naked. Despite the obvious sexist connotations, you've got to love them for their blatant controversy- they definitely know how to shock.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hauntingly Beautiful

Like most fashion design students, I often daydream about the day when I have my own label. When I think about the style in which i'd like to market my brand and ad campaigns, I think of Zena Holloway and her ethereal underwater photography and film. It is truly mesmerizing but also extremely effective when applied to advertising- I especially love the ad for Mastercard- clever and cute. 

I think that part of the intrigue is trying to work out how its all done; from the lighting to the models lung capacity; it seems a lot more difficult to achieve then shooting on land. Zena is one of the few photographers who specialises in purely underwater photography; and visually, the best i've seen so far.

Fashion Resolutions For The Stylish Man

Let's face it- the average hetroman could do with a gentle push in the style direction. New year, new look- read my article on fashion resolutions for the stylish man in Mens Fashion Magazine

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The saving grace of my 24 hour (and a half) journey back from Koh Samui was the discovery of HTMIA thanks to Emirates extensive entertainment library. I.AM.OBSESSED.

  • It's set in NYC and the cinematography is gorgeous, little flashes of photography here and there, black and white filters- it's more like an indie film then your standard HBO drama.
  • The fashion scene- the clothes, styling and furniture are pure design fodder
  • The entrepreneurial kick- I'm a sucker for the set up of a young creative person trying to start up their own business and make it happen- Ben and Cam manipulate their connections (as is often so necessary in the fashion world) to meet John Varvatos (played by the man himself)

Better late then never...(Christmas Presents!)

I'm finally back in Manchester after a 24 hour journey back, so I thought i'd take some time to catch up on all the exciting things I hadn't had internet to mention, starting with Christmas! We celebrated in Bangkok with a lovely (if slightly unconventional) chinese meal. I usually spend ages picking out perfect presents so I was really excited and touched to receive the same!

The t-shirt (Every Perfect) and Chanel tribute sweatshirt (Bling Bling) were chosen by father on a recent trip to NYC.  The mid-length heels (ASH) are the perfect balance (literally) between fashion and comfort; obviously chosen by mother! Most coveted is the Alexander Wang diego bucket bag- which I have been literally obsessing over since i first saw it on Opening Ceremony.

Little bro got me this gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case which is perrffecct! Finally, possibly  my favourite was the sneaky gift that the Editor snuck to my brother, to give to me on Christmas day. The ring is an antique turqouise, which explains the cracks but I love that the piece has a story behind it.