Sunday, 19 December 2010

I Ladurée You

The moment I handed in my final assignment I was in my car and homebound; only for a night though- I couldn’t wait to pack up my favourite things and run away to London. I find it so relaxing to be there; I have time to do things I don’t get a chance to do, like read, knit, and most importantly cook. I have to state here that although I am a sufficiently good cook (I’ve yet to kill anyone by undercooked chicken) I’m definitely not one for following a recipe. My efforts never match the photograph and usually end up in the bin; this is probably why I end up cooking Chinese, Thai and fusion foods where recipes are more experimental, forgiving and (to be fair), exciting.

Maybe it’s the Christmassy air, but one evening, The Editor decided he fancied something a little more festive and British. So I cooked my first roast, stuffing and all, with a crumble to finish (shhh…note my secret ingredient) and it turned out quite lovely after all!

 Ed rewarded my efforts the next day with some gorgeous Ladurée Macaroons- nothing says I love you like Ladurée!

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