Saturday, 18 December 2010

Copenhagen, Tak

It’s no excuse of course, but the last few weeks have been a busybusybusy blur of trains, planes and my not-so-trusty car, which apparently is ill equipped for the snowy weather. Though I haven’t ventured too far out of the time zone, it’s left me feeling a bit lost in translation and disoriented.

(Lets pretend I posted this two weeks ago.)
Over the weekend I went to Copenhagen for the night for an event- and of course had to do the usual Leeds to Manchester drive to catch a flight and then the same in reverse the following day. I've never been there before so I wasn't sure what to expect; I’ve seen street style shots, which depict its residents as pretty cool so I was looking forward to exploring the ci

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We stayed at the Nimb Hotel, which is simply gorgeous- all wooden floors, fur throws and roaring fireplaces with quirky accents, which gave it a ‘designed’ edge. The hotel has only 13 rooms; each is slightly different. Ours had its own bookshelf complete will a library even Karl would be proud of and a little fireplace which was so cosy. 

The Nimb Hotel

Behind the hotel is Tivoli; which is a massive outdoor market. It felt like a cross between Disneyland and the German Markets that we get in England; smelling of sausage and waffles and yummy mulled wine (they call it Glögg). There were lots of little huts selling different things but I was fascinated by the amount of fur on sale; hundreds of soft throws, hats, jackets, slippers, and even phone cases!

I spent some time in the city centre which I found was really random; there were tons of shops resembling H&M wedged in next to kebab shops, tattoo parlours and further down, a Gucci- it was all rather confusing. One boutique that I loved was Asylum, which stocked a really cool eclectic mix of clothes.

Having spent less then 24 hours there, my opinion of Copenhagen is still uncertain. Unlike other cities like Paris and Milan, there wasn’t really a clear ‘style’- associated with the people and places alike; however, for a quick chance to see somewhere new, it was well worth it. 

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