Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm Watching In Awe: Beyonce

Beyonce. Is. Inspirational. 

"When women don’t have friends, Im afraid of them. I grew up around women. I believe that we can teach each other so much. Im always thinking about how unselfish we are and the things we need to hear and how much pressure there is being a woman. I try to write songs that will bring out the best in all of us and keep us close together. Put a ring on it? That’s a nice little way to hint something without being the psycho that’s like ‘marry me!’. Sometimes we gain 5, 10 pounds, sometimes more. Whatever. Sometimes you have to just embrace it and find the beauty in it. So, bootylicious. When I travelled around the world, I could see ho important independent women was and I could see how much strength it gave women when they were able to sing irreplaceable. For women in burqas, women who may have been accepted now to have any goals of their own. When I have women coming up to me and saying, ‘I had to sneak to listen to your music, but it makes me feel strong and now Im saving up my money and Im moving away from here’, it makes me feel like my purpose is so much deeper than I ever imagined. So Im going to continue to write those songs that give women strength." -Sunday Times Style Magazine

I think the introduction to her performance at the Billboard Awards summed it up, from Michelle Obama, to Lady Gaga talking about what makes her so incredible. Watch the video- the performance itself is sensational- not only does she have a powerful voice but the graphics and lighting made it so current and fresh. 

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