Monday, 25 October 2010

London: Street Style

As part of a feature for the November Edition of MFM I took to the streets of Spitafields Market and out and about Brick Lane to find some guys who have a distinct personal look. To see the whole feature and more, check out Mens Fashion Magazine on October 30th. 

James McFadzean, London
Distinctive for: the mix of textures; cable knit with worn leather and a crisp white shirt toughened up with ripped dark jeans.

Matt & Rob, Sidcup
Distinctive for: the clever layering (the black hoodie's Primark) and their 'we don't care about fashion' attitude.

Yusuke, Japan
Distinctive for: the spray-on wet-look jeans with the oversized cardigan and the general 'basic' colour palette.

Fernando, New York
Distinctive for: his rock n' roll mix of bedhead quiff and frayed scarf. The pointy shoes and popped collar are very Johnny Borrell.

Rod, London
Distinctive for: his unapologetic fur obsession and his inability to concentrate long enough for a photograph; "That was intense."

Steve, London
Distinctive for: his on trend aviator jacket offset by slightly special shoelaces.

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